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Most Gratifying Case in 2013:

felony cases

Case 1:

One of our clients, a young man that lives in Burlington, North Carolina, was wrongfully accused and indicted by a grand jury for armed robbery. Attorney Barbara Silver-Clark and her team’s thorough investigation, critique of discovery evidence, and tenacious defense at trial in Alamance County Superior Court proved to be successful, as our client was found not guilty of all charges by a unanimous jury verdict.

It was gratifying to see a young black man who had been wrongly accused get a fair trial, have his faith in the system restored, and be given an opportunity to be back home with his mother and family following a terrible ordeal.​

Most Satisfying Cases in 2013:

false arrest

Case 1:

One of our clients, a young pregnant mother that lives in Gibsonville, North Carolina, was wrongfully accused of obtaining property by false pretense plus misdemeanor larceny by her employer, Best Buy. She was represented by Attorney Barbara Silver-Clark in Alamance County District Court. The B Silver Law Group reviewed discovery evidence, conducted onsite investigations, and subsequently subpoenaed Best Buy to turn over discovery related to security video footage, cashier receipts, employee training manuals, and work records.

After meeting with our client and reporting our findings, Attorney Barabara Silver-Clark agreed to meet with the district attorney's office and recommend dismissal of all charges. Based on lack of evidence, the state of North Carolina agreed to dismiss all charges against our client.

This was such a satisfying case. Our client, who spent six months in the legal system declaring her innocence and trying to figure out how she got there, was finally relieved and able to prepare for the birth of her baby. We are happy to report that our client gave birth to a baby boy and both mother and child are doing great.​
child custody

Case 2:

Attorney Barbara Silver-Clark represented a United States Army enlisted serviceman in Alamance County Civil Court in a child custody matter while deployed in Afghanistan. The B Silver Law Group uses computer technology and related applications that allows our firm to represent servicemen throughout the United States and overseas. Attorney Barbara Silver-Clark was able to keep our client abreast of the case progress and ultimately the award of custody to the serviceman’s parents while still deployed in Afghanistan.

It was satisfying to know that our client, a serviceman, could get back to his business of protecting our country while knowing that his daughter is safe and protected here at home with his parents.

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